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Internet trade is becoming increasingly important, which presents companies with a major challenge. An increasing number of packages have to be transported and that in a very short time. Therefore, outsourcing your logistics can mean an enormous time and cost saving. Especially for smaller companies, independent logistics is often not worth it. For this reason, you can outsource your inventory management, warehousing, storage and logistics with us and invest more resources in sales through logistics outsourcing with a fulfillment partner.

After manual or automatic transmission of your orders, DGP takes over the complete distribution logistics & sales logistics until the product reaches the customer. We are also happy to handle returns for you. Our long-standing logistics partners and shipping service providers offer us fair prices from overnight, sameday to express and standard shipping worldwide. Ask us for warehouse outsourcing without obligation!

With an external warehouse and the outsourcing of processes, you save on storage, administration, shipping and returns processing.

Our logistics management simplifies all processes, resulting in lower costs. We respond individually to your wishes and together we find the best solution for your fulfillment logistics and all warehouse/logistics issues. We are flexible, despite consistent quality. Thanks to our large distribution network, we work quickly and reliably.

We work in a future-oriented manner with a high-performance supply chain management system that we are constantly optimizing and adapting to the circumstances of our customers. This makes the entire logistics process even more effective and efficientSupply chain management goes beyond logistics tasks and is also concerned with optimizing all processes, making optimum use of resources and reducing costs. It is therefore concerned with the entire value and supply chain.

If you look at the logistics definition, it is about planning, managing and controlling tangible and intangible flows of goods within companies between cooperating companies and suppliers to the end customer (B2C or B2B).

Pick and pack is the term for the picking of shipping packages. Normally, in pick and pack, the goods are first retrieved from the warehouse and then packed into the packages. But in pick pack, the goods are packed into a package directly from the shelf. This saves a lot of time and allows for faster packing.

When all items have been picked, the delivery bill is signed with the quantity and the package is sealed. This way the goods are ready for shipment and can be shipped faster. This is also the reason for this type of packing. With Pick & Pack a lot of time is saved, because one can save one work step. In this time gained, one can already pack further packages and increase the turnover in the warehouse = reduce costs.

However, this procedure is not suitable for larger orders. Here, the error rate would be too high, as no further control takes place. For large orders, therefore, the pick-and-pack process is not usually used. In such cases, the goods are first retrieved from the warehouse in the traditional way and then packed and picked at the packing table.

Your advantages with DGP Logistics Pick & Pack warehousing:

  • No separate packaging necessary
  • Reduction of shipping costs due to faster processing
  • Parallel picking
  • Optimized processes and cost reduction
  • Increased flexibility in processing customer orders