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Sea container sizes for packing, blocking and bracing from Dangerous Goods Packing and Crating Service.

Blocking and Bracing of Shipping Containers

Container Blocking and Bracing for Shipping Containers

DGP Packing Crating will load, block & brace your ocean containers for ocean export shipments. Proper container loading & bracing are critical to safe arrival of your product.  

Shipping companies Blocking Requirements (example)

As a minimum the requirement will be: lumber of sufficient strength and structure to support the weight of the lading; runners must be placed on a longitudinal axis to spread weight over sufficient floor cross members. A sufficient number of approved rated cables, chains, or banding equal to load weight must affix cargo, tightly tensioned to container anchors, to prevent cargo shifting under environmental dynamic forces."

DGP Packing Crating will ensure your shipment meets safety and transport company requirements for the load.

DGP Packing Crating are your professionals at Blocking and Bracing Ocean Containers for all types of cargo, for air, sea or land transport.

Built on Commitment:  Integrity, Quality, Safety

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DGP Crating and Packing Service
Blocking & bracing 20 foot on site from $300
(includes all in material, labour included, ISPM compliant)

Blocking & bracing 20 footopen top, on site from $500
(includes all in material labour, ISPM compliant)
Custom crates skids any size any shape
Stock standard duty shipping crates.
Custom heavy duty shipping crates.

Shrink wrap your bulky cargo sea from salt, moisture travel.