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On-Site Packing Services


Blocking and Bracing Service

Our on-site packing experts will come directly to your door with all the necessary packing materials and coordinate with your team to ensure that every aspect of your shipment is safe and secure for transport. Take advantage of the great On-Site Packing service we provide here at MCS.  MCS will make shipping your cargo trouble-free regardless how fragile or cumbersome the freight happens to be.

Our on-site packing experts have the proficiency to pack cargo that our competitors find challenging. Our packing experts are properly equipped and have the ability to mobilize to any location to ensure that every aspect of your shipment is professionally packed for export in a timely manner. We can perform a range of packing services at your facility, including:
  • Custom Crating
  • Project Crating
    Assess the scope of work
    • Take all necessary construction measurements
    • Prefabricate and deliver all materials necessary to complete project

    • Mobilize to job location

    • Fulfill all health and safety requirements

    • Complete export packing requirements

    • Comply with all transportation regulations

Crating and Packing onsite